1. Early Childhood Development Programme: The programme serves deaf and hard-of-hearing students, ages 0-6, and their families. Our goal for every child is the development of

a) age-appropriate language and

b) school readiness skills like cognitive, communication, and social skills.

We strive to integrate the most effective methods of teaching young children to serve their individual needs.
The programme provides an environment rich in linguistically accessible learning. Our goal is for all children and their parents to learn, use and understand Indian Sign Language, since early exposure to accessible language is key to the development of future skills. Research shows us that early exposure to sign language promotes more rapid development of spoken language for deaf children, including those who can use digital hearing aids or cochlear implant technology.

For hard-of-hearing children or Deaf children with cochlear implants, spoken language (English and/or Hindi) is appropriately incorporated into the program. Spoken language classes and activities are designed to meet individual communication needs.

2. Curriculum Support Programme: This programme offers support to deaf and hard of hearing children who go to school, but need support to reinforce the knowledge and academic skills required for the student to reach their full potential in a mainstream subject. This support consists of one on one or small group.