We are grateful for all those who choose to support Sanket Foundation’s progarmme, First Steps. Below are stories highlighting how real gifts from real donors are making a difference for real kids. To join those who are making a difference in the lives of deaf and hard-of-hearing children, make a gift today.

Building Confidence, Building Competence

Naman came to us as a 3 year old, with his father never leaving his side. And never making eye contact either, unable to express himself, which resulted in frequent tantrums. He lost his mother a year before and missed out the TLC of a mother, even though he is a part of a loving joint family. Over the past many months, not only is he independent, he clearly communicates his needs clearly and with his new founded freedom now acts as a mentor to any new child who comes to class. His motor skills have improved that has helped him write his ABC’s and 123’s and colouring, which he loves. We have many such children, who have never been to any other classroom, or a school- who are now comfortable in a group and classroom setting. Your gifts have enabled language, literacy and independence in these children.

Parents: Empowerment and becoming their child’s strongest advocate

Many mothers come to us first had to empower themselves by simply taking the step to travel alone for the first time ever in their lives, in order to give their children a chance at independence and empowerment. Fathers and mothers alike have got rid of the superstition they have surrounded themselves with all through the lives of their deaf child, believing it to be a curse for something they did wrong. They are able to communicate with their children from simple gestures like food, to specific gestures for choice of foods like roti, dal, chocolate, and even appropriate times for certain foods like eggs for mornings, roti dal for evening. Our parents counseling sessions, workshops supported by you have made this difference.